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About Employer Benefit Solutions

Biography of Gary Sieber and Employer Benefit Solutions

My name is Gary Sieber and I’m the President of Employer Benefit Solutions. I’m an independent broker who represents all major carriers. I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. I’m happily married to my wife Jackie and a father of two beautiful children. Our kids attend Penn Trafford School District in Penn Township PA.

I have been helping businesses in this area over 13+ years. My focus when meeting with businesses is employer/employee benefits. This includes:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Short Term Disability
  4. Long Term Disability
  5. Dental
  6. Vision Benefits 
  7. Property and Casualty Insurance

With approximately 2,000 employees under my care in the above lines of business, I have been able to introduce and implement new ideas and concepts. These ideas have significantly reduced costs while often improving the employee’s quality of care. After meeting with employers, they often realize there was not a clear understanding of the alternatives and options available to them. When working with us, you will soon understand the value, and more importantly, see the results. We place a huge emphasis on the education of employees and employers. We show employers the importance of understanding the issues regarding ERISA and FMLA.

With the passage of Federal Healthcare reform in 2010, there are many new rules and regulations that can affect a company. It is extremely important for you the employer to understand the changes in the law and how they will impact you. Some of the changes are subtle while others bring possible penalties and fines. My job is to clearly explain the new laws allowing you to focus on your business.

Understand you will not get the same old, same old with Employer Benefit Solutions. Our clients are not limited to an annual visit at renewal. We meet often times throughout the year to discuss and evaluate the plan. These meetings enable us to note changes and make the renewal process much simpler. Be prepared to be on the forefront of new ideas and concepts available. Our job is to introduce these new ideas and guide you through the implementation process. I look forward to working with you in the future. Together we can consistently develop solutions benefiting your employees and equally important, your bottom line.